Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

A wedding invitation is an essential part of the wedding planning process.  Invites are the easiest way to let all your guests know the who, what, and where for your special day. (Hopefully they already understand the why, LOL!) The invitations are the first ‘act’ of your wedding, so what you end up sending out will not only reflect your style, theme, or personality, but also will set the tone for what you have in store for your guests.  Make them beautiful, funny, or even mysterious, but most of all make them informative, to the point, and from the heart.  Click on the links below for amazing invitation inspiration. Enjoy!

8 Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations That Prove Cheap Can Be Chic

4 Vintage Wedding Invitation Themes Suitable For Any Budget

Lucky for you, I’m no stranger to the vintage world.  From Vargas pinups to hippy boho-chic, I love and embody everything vintage and coincidentally, I’m not alone.  Vintage themes have taken the wedding scene by storm and more often than not I come across couples that describe their wedding style as vintage.  But what qualifies as vintage?

Creative Invitations

Creative invites are an excellent way to express your individual wedding style. Choosing just one design has to be one of the most difficult and overwhelming decisions of the wedding planning process, but don’t let it be.  Enjoy this time and be creative.  I found it helpful to narrow the decisions down by theme and taking it from there.  This way there are less choices and you can focus on the designs within that category.