Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Unique wedding guest book ideas are now trending. Guest books are one way to document who attended your wedding. As years pass, your wedding day may become somewhat of a blur and your guest book is a wonderful way to refresh your memory and relive that joyful day.

Traditionally, wedding guest books were simple and contained lined pages where guests signed their names and sometimes included a small space to write a bit of marriage advice or just congratulations. Today couples are getting a bit more creative with the ways they want to remember their guests. Check out some of the unique ways you can capture the memories of your guests.

Puzzle Guest Book

If you like brain teasers and games, a puzzle guest book would be a perfect addition to your wedding. Guests sign the back of each piece along with a little note or a few words of wisdom. After the wedding, the newlyweds can have a fun assembling the puzzle revealing all the messages of love they received. The puzzle picture can be anything from an engagement picture of the couple to a wedding monogram. The final puzzle can be framed and hung or kept on display anywhere in the couple’s home for all to see.


Alternative to Puzzle Wedding Guest Book Idea:

Jenga game puzzle

Have guests sign each wood block and enjoy the game as a couple or in groups at gatherings or parties.

Work of Art for All to See

Large poster art is a creative and artistic way to show off a piece of your wedding day. The photos below each feature the couple’s names, wedding date, and are accented by the wedding colors. Each leaf of the tree on the left photo and each balloon in the right photo is a space for a guest to sign. After the wedding, the couple can frame and hang as home decor. It’s a beautiful alternative to a traditional book that gets stored away and barely looked at after a wedding.

Alternative to Large Poster Print Wedding Guest Book Idea


Instead of a print with leaves or balloons pre-printed, consider leaving that part out and allow guests to apply multi colored thumbprints in the place of leaves or balloons and have them sign it. The thumbprints make the guest book more personalized and unique.

Mad Libs Guest Book

Mad libs! Only for couples that have a great sense of humor. Nostalgic and tons of fun, mad libs are an interesting and creative guest book that will leave the happy couple in stitches for years to come. Simply have your guests fill in the blanks with nouns, adjectives, and verbs to create hilarious stories. After the wedding bind all the sheets together to form a book. It’s easy and guests will have so much fun filling them out.