Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

5 Ways Lovesick Expo is Changing the Wedding Exposition Game

Last week, I had the most amazing opportunity to join Lovesick Expo in Philly to showcase our She Riot wedding apparel line! The experience (presented by the ever fabulous Offbeat Bride) was like no other, catering specifically to offbeat couples, filled with unique wedding vendors from the area, at a local live music venue. Um, how bad ass is that? For the first time EVER, I actually felt like I was with MY kind of people. People that understood my style, my interests and the exact people that I would include in planning my OWN wedding! (You know, if I were to do it all over again, lol.) Since this expo is super one of a kind, I wanted to share with you what really sets them apart from the traditional (and boring, yeah I said it) wedding expos you may have attended in the past. If you love what you read, scroll to the bottom and check out which cities Lovesick will be visiting next.  Enjoy!

1. Unique, Offbeat Vendors

The very core of the expo, unique and offbeat vendors make up the foundation of Lovesick.  Here you will find the very best of who are in tune with the latest and greatest wedding styles. Event planners, food truck vendors, photographers, cake designers – you name it – they have them, catering to alternative couples who want anything but the traditional.  And let’s not leave out the, (eh, hem) apparel vendors. (Yeah, shameless She Riot plug.)

2. Live Music

A hot music venue plus live local bands equals a wedding expo dance party AND a sweet audition for your big day. These bands are offbeat to the core and will spice up any reception. Plus, Lovesick is not only founder of the expo, but also an event DJ/photography/cinematography team. So in between the live bands featured at the event, you will hear the sick beats of the Lovesick DJ tribe (Tom Wright, Jon Holmes and Adam Levy) and learn all about how they can cater to your wedding day.


3. Boozing + Amazing Giveaways

Ok, this has to be my favorite part and might I add, a genius way to get your significant other to tag along for the ride.  There is booze.  There, enough said.  Immediately upon entering the expo, a fully stocked bar awaited guests and all were freely allowed to walk about, greeting vendors with a drink in hand. A pretty amazing way to spend the afternoon right? AND we cannot leave out the fabulous giveaways provided by some of the vendors from the event. There were free engagement sessions, beauty boxes and even an Apple watch raffled off. Well I don’t want to say raffle exactly, since the founders felt that was a boring way to give away prizes.  They actually used scavenger hunt tactics to give away the gifts. For instance they were looking for an attendees that possessed certain items such as a cartoon tattoo, a fanny pack and even an epic beard.  It was so hilarious and really kept the audience attention. Bravo on that one guys!

4. Live Entertainment

In addition to the live music, there are often live performances from burlesque dancers, sword swallowers and jugglers to keep you and your significant other entertained for hours. Just say the word ‘boobs’ and your man will not hesitate to be your wedding expo wing man. There is even an occasional bouncy house available to cater to your inner child, because honestly, what pairs better with alcohol?

5. Serious Swag

Last, but not least, Lovesick has some serious swag.  Upon arrival they gift attendees with lovely tote bags used for collecting vendor merch and other business related flair. PLUS they are totally reusable and not embarrassing to rock on the streets. T-shirts graced with the logo are also available for purchase, to which I was lucky enough to make an amazing trade with Lovesick’s Tiffany upon my departure.  Just some of the perks of owning an apparel company!

Interested in Attending?

Lovesick Expo just entered their sixth season and are currently visiting seven cities in 2016. Visit Lovesick’s page to see if they are stopping in your city and there you will find more information on how to attend.