Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

Stunningly Unique, Radiantly You, Wedding Ideas

Wedding Favor Ideas

One of a kind wedding favor ideas are hard to come by.  Brainstorming can be a fun part of the process.   Choosing and piecing favors together however, can be a completely different story.  Favors can be extremely tedious time wise and can sometimes cost a right arm, but don’t worry, help is right here.  You will find ideas and inspirations for wedding favors that will help you narrow down the  sometimes overwhelming amount of options of favors out there and get you the perfect favor that not only fits your wedding style, but is also uniquely yours.  Wedding favors date back to the early 16th century when guests would be given gifts of love knots made from ribbon and lace.

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The tradition later evolved into gifts of bonbonnieres, which consisted of five chocolate coated almonds or pieces of candy. Most people are familiar with this custom as it’s still used very popularly today. But did you know the almond candy represented fertility, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity? So there you go, one inexpensive and thoughtful favor idea that has history, (come on vintage ladies!!), and thoughtful meaning behind it.

DIY Wedding Favors

Let your creativity loose!  DIY wedding favors are a perfect way to thank your guests with your own personal touch.  DIY favors are unique and have much more meaning because you took the time create it yourself.  Click on the link below for ideas that will inspire you to make a one of a kind favor for your wedding.

Seasonal Wedding Favors

Having a fall, winter, spring, or summer themed wedding?  Would you like wedding favor ideas that go along with the seasonal theme?  Well look no further, click on the season of your choice below to be inspired!