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Are you looking for wedding flower ideas? Well, you've come to the right place. Choosing your wedding flowers can be an overwhelming task, which can be frustrating and lead to multiple revisions.   Answering just a few easy questions will help you narrow your search for the perfect flower or bouquet.  If you are trying to stay within a reasonable budget, it's best to choose flowers that are "in season" during the time of your wedding. 

When you choose flowers that aren't in season, it can be difficult to find that particular flower, which could end up costing you a lot extra when your florist has to import them.

Which Season Is Your Wedding Taking Place?

Now that you know there is a cost savings to sticking with a flower choice that is "in season", you should also know that most "in season" flowers naturally match the backdrop of the time you are getting married. For example, bare branches, pussy willows, and holly all complement a winter wedding scene. Same goes for orange dahlias and red crab apples matching the changing foliage of autumn. Click on the link below to see wedding flower ideas by season.

See Seasonal Wedding Flowers

seasonal wedding flower ideas

Utah Events By Design

Photographer: Tonya Peterson

Spring Wedding Bouquet

Emily Steffen Photography

What Color or Color Scheme Do You Like?

With exotic flower names like alstromeria and anthurium, it's hard to know if you are talking about flowers or solving a math equation. Try starting your search by the color that interests you the most. Then you can narrow down the varieties that way. It's always best to gather pictures of the bouquet you vision, similiar to bringing photos to your stylist when getting a haircut. Bringing inspirational photos to your florist will help them capture the vision you want, even if you don't know the names of the flowers. Click on the link below to see wedding flower ideas by color.

See Flower Varieties by Color

Blue Roses

Stein Your Florist, Co., Philadelphia, PA

wedding flower ideas

Emily Steffen Photography

Color Pattern: Singular, Monochromatic, or Variety?

Choosing your flower color pattern can be a harder question to answer. If you want to keep it simple and sophisticated, I'd suggest staying with a singular color pattern consisting of maybe all white or all flowers of the same color.

A monochromatic color pattern is choosing one color, but having various shades of that color. For example, if you wanted a purple bouquet you would choose flowers ranging from light purple to dark purple. A monochromatic colored bouquet gives the flowers depth and texture and in most circumstances, complements the dress extremely well.

If you are still having trouble choosing just one color flower for your bouquet or just like a very colorful look, consider a random mix of colors with a variety of different flowers.

Click on the link below to see examples of different color pattern flowers.

See Flowers by Color Pattern

Mixed Flower Bouquet
White Wedding Bouquet

Emily Steffen Photography

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