Wedding Cake Ideas

Looking for wedding cake ideas? So, you've come to the part in your planning process where it's time to choose the cake. This part can be difficult, but also very fun. The wedding cake is one of the most important staples of the wedding. It's known to be the representation and celebratory piece signifying the union of husband and wife. Not intimidating at all, right?  Choosing your wedding cake should be an enjoyable process. The cake should fit into the theme of the wedding, be tasty, and show off your personal style. There are many cake ideas and examples out there, but few that are truly chic and unique. Keep scrolling to find exquisite wedding cake ideas that will not only inspire, but leave your mouth watering as well.

White Wedding Cakes

White wedding cakes are the most popular cake choice for weddings. They are traditional, they symbolize purity, and they match the bridal gown. A white wedding cake can easily be drab and predictable, so be inspired to design one that is uniquely shaped and full of detail. Click on the link below to find beautiful cake ideas for your event.

white wedding cake

Art Deco Cake by Pink Cake Box

See More White Wedding Cakes Here

Nautical Themed Wedding Cake

Erica OBrien Cake Design / Sassy Mouth Photography

Themed Wedding Cakes

Nowadays everyone's wedding has a theme. Whether it is rustic, bohemian, Harry Potter, or even a nautical theme, as pictured to the left, your cake should be a big part of it. Themed cakes can be a lot of fun and non-traditional, so have fun with it and push the envelope, because you only get to do this wedding thing once, or in some cases twice, (sorry, bad joke), and why not make it interesting? Click on the link below for themed wedding cake ideas. (This includes seasonal cakes too!)

Wedding Cakes With Flowers

Wedding cakes containing flowers are also a very popular cake choice. With all the varieties of flowers available, it's easy to decorate a cake to fit your color scheme and be one of a kind. The flowers can range from real to artificial and sometimes can even be made from icing or fondant. The sky is the limit when choosing a cake with flowers. Click on the link below for inspiration wedding cakes with flowers.

Flower Wedding Cake

Sweet Fix at

unique wedding cake

Colette's Cakes, Inc.

Unique and Alternative Wedding Cakes

Are you looking to make a bold statement at your wedding? You must consider a unique or alternative wedding cake. If you want your cake to looking anything but traditional or even lack a traditional shape, unique is the way to go. If you are looking to nix the cake all together, opt for cupcakes or even a cookie cake instead. Click on the link below for unique and alternative wedding cake ideas.

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