Spring Wedding Flowers

Which spring wedding flowers fit your spring time wedding theme? Like the dress, your wedding flowers say a lot about your personality, so choosing isn't an easy task. Pick a bouquet that will express the overall tone you are going for. Is your event full muted pastels, garden themed, or maybe leaning more towards colorfully bold? Keep scrolling for clever spring bouquet ideas sure to fit your spring time event and style.

spring wedding flowers

Kate Osborne Photography

Mix of Pastels and Brights

Having trouble deciding which bouquet is right for you? Try mixing multiple varieties of flowers for your spring wedding flowers. This bouquet to the left is a perfect combination of pastel pink and peach peonies along with miniature daisies. The bright coral colored roses and craspedia billy balls (bright yellow balls) make this bouquet really pop with color and unique style. Notice only a few flowers of bright color are needed to keep this bouquet tasteful and chic.

Succulent Style

Succulents are a beautiful and cheap way to decorate your spring themed wedding. They need very little attention, in fact, thrive on neglect, so the chances of this bouquet wilting or drying out for the big day are slim to none. They come in a variety of color shades, shapes, and textures, so putting together a stylish and unique arrangement would be very simple. Try adding bright pink dahlias or white peonies for a more colorful bouquet.

succulent wedding bouquet

Botanica Floral Design, Portland, OR

brooch wedding bouquet

Etsy: hairbowswonderworld

Photography: Mick Cookson at www.MickCookson.com

Brightly Colored Brooch

Yes, these are jewelry brooches! This beautiful bouquet is crafted from many different sized and colored brooches and pins. This is a wonderful choice for brides looking to keep their spring themed bouquet on display in their home or turn it into a family heirloom and pass down to generations to come. And yes, some can be extremely expensive, but your bouquet would never fade, wilt, or die, so think of it as an investment and will fondly bring back memories of your beautiful wedding day.

Perfectly Pastel

There is no doubt that green is the color of spring. And green is what makes this bouquet so unique. The large white and pink peonies mixed with the long awkward textured flower branches give this bouquet an unusually beautiful texture. Also, succulents were added for extra green color, making these spring wedding flowers simply amazing to look at.

spring wedding bouquet

Kate Osborne Photography

Florist: Honey of a Thousand Flowers

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