Groom Suits

Groom suits are a fantastic way to add personal style to your wedding.  Traditionally, brides get all the spot light when it comes to fashion.  Well ladies, those days are over! Men want to look fantastic and unique for their wedding too!

Ditch the traditional black and white suit, men's fashion is here to stay.  Whether you are looking to incorporate color, prints, or just a piece of unique style, you've come to the right place for inspiration. 

The first step a man must take in order to look fabulous for his wedding is to purchase a fitted suit. I can't tell you how many men make this mistake! 

Fitted suits are sophisticated, flattering, and classy.  So men, even if you are staying safe with a classic black suit or tux make sure you get it tailored to fit! 

Keep scrolling for grooms and groomsmen suit ideas perfect for any man's unique style.

groom suitsKate Osborne Photography

Mix It Up

Mixing groom and groomsmen suits give the wedding party a quirky eclectic look. You could mix up the colors of suits, have some without jackets, some with sweaters, or even change the color of the ties. This gives each party member room to express their own individual style while still keeping to a theme.

eclectic groom suitsKate Osborne Photography

Add Some Color...

Sometimes adding just a pop of color can make all the difference. Try adding a bold colored tie to a traditional suit to make a stylish statement. If the tie compliments the boutonniere that's just an added bonus!

maroon and tan groom suit
red and navy groom suit

Kate Osborne Photography

Include A Print

If your personality is more daring, try adding a fun tie print. Prints are interesting, full of texture, and can really show off a man's unique taste. Prints come in all forms such as stripes, dots, paisley, etc. and can complement a wedding theme quite well.

yellow striped groom suitEmily Steffen Photography
vintage groom suitEmily Steffen Photography
antique groom suitKate Osborne Photography
gray and navy groom suitEmily Steffen Photography

Unique Touches

Consider adding a fedora or jeff cap to make the groom's look more unique and complete.  Replacing the traditional tie with a bow tie can be different or even incorporating suspenders instead of a belt might be the way to stand out in style.

stylish groom
vintage inspired groom

Emily Steffen Photography

Classy & Sophisticated

If you like the classy and traditional look, consider a different colored suit. Navy and gray are beautiful alternatives to black and pairing them with neutral colors gives them a sophisticated style.

navy and polka dot groomEmily Steffen Photography
gray and white groom suitKate Osborne Photography

Casual & Chic

If laid back and casual is more your style then a clean sweater, shirt, and tie combo or a fitted shirt and skinny tie combo might be the look you are going for. If this is what you prefer remember to keep the look simple and not distract with crazy prints. Less is more with this look.

casual groom sweaterKate Osborne Photography
casual groomEmily Steffen Photography

I hope you enjoyed the groom suit ideas on this page!  Leave a comment below.  I'd love to hear from you!

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