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There is one truth when it comes to gift ideas, you either have them or do you don't. I don't want to toot my own horn, (oh, who am I kidding, yes I do!) but I've been told more than a time or two that I'm a magnificent gift giver.  My husband always says that I gift him things he didn't even know he wanted until he opened it. So if you are finding yourself with gift giving block, here is a collection of articles I complied with tons of wedding related gift inspiration. Enjoy!

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea | A Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot 

first wedding anniversary

So it's been a year already - your first wedding anniversary! Traditionally, paper is the first anniversary gift, but seriously, why paper?  In my research I found the first year of marriage is considered to be like a clean sheet of paper, a new beginning upon which to write your passage through the years together.  Also like paper, it is fragile and can easily rip, not having yet been tried by the fires of adversity and the storms of life.

Even though we don't consider ourselves followers of traditions, Derek and I decided early on that we would celebrate each year with the traditional coordinating gift.  Paper is definitely interesting and believe it or not you can get really creative with this one. I designed a greeting card for my hubby and included a beautiful handwritten love letter. In return he created a custom made replica of our sloth inspired wedding cake topper and framed it. Both gifts were super creative and light on the wallet. Plus, my slothie portrait really amazing in our dining room! 


A Wedding Gift Registry with Crate and Barrel | How to Get Organized and What to Include

wedding gift registry

With wedding season in full bloom, it seems like everywhere you turn there is an ambitious retailer or new brand offering a wedding gift registry to the newly engaged.  With the many influences out there, choosing a supplier can be one tough feat.  It is important to take these four items into consideration when deciding on where to register:

  • Do I like the retailer? 
  • Do they offer a vast variety of household items and carry the brand names that I love? 
  • Do they have locations easily accessible for guests and offer purchases online? 
  • Do they offer any incentives?

After extensive research and witnessing many friends and family go through the same bridal registry process, I found that Crate and Barrel has a really amazing registry program that offers tons of fabulous items and some stellar incentives.


14 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Posse 

holiday gift ideas

Brainstorming holiday gift ideas while planning a wedding can really be tough!  There are a million decisions that need to be made a on a daily basis and by the time you get to your holiday shopping list your brain tends to feel a little fried.  I know what your thinking, you do not want to be one of those selfish brides who only thinks of herself while planning a wedding and want to show your closest family and friends how much gratitude you really have for them. So we pulled together a list of our favorite and unique gift ideas for 2014, mostly from, to help relieve some of the wedding posse holiday shopping pressure.  Enjoy! 


15 Fabulous Gifts for Mom That Will Have You Absolutely Winning Mother's Day! 

gifts for mom

Mother's Day is this week and if you haven't found any gifts for mom yet, you many need some help in the creativity department. Ditch the typical flowers and chocolates this year and gift her something more unique and extra special. I rounded up 15 of my favs that I'm sure are absolute winners that your mom will love! Enjoy! 


Have any clever wedding related gift ideas of your own?  Leave a comment below.  We'd love to hear from you!

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