3 Ways To Get Your Wedding Glow From The Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2

3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow From the Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2

Yay, you're engaged!  Pour the champagne and let's celebrate!  Whether you started the planning process yet or are just weeks from walking down the aisle, naturally you want to look your absolute best and obtain that wedding glow all brides seem to possess. Being overwhelmingly happy is a great start, but there are also certain steps you can take to guarantee that flawlessly fierce 'blue steel' look hundreds of guests will see while you walk down the aisle. With engagement season and New Year's resolutions consuming my world, I decided to round up some amazing ways to step up your wedding game (and maybe knock out a resolution or two) to help you become the best version of yourself you can possibly be for your wedding day! Enjoy!

1.  Get Your Juice On

3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow from the Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2

The first step to get your wedding glow on the outside is to start nourishing yourself on the inside. Juicing is an awesome way to rid the toxins that cause bloating and blemishes and replace them with nutrients that boost your energy and overall glow. I'm not talking a diet or a cleanse (I hate those!) I'm saying that  just one glass of freshly pressed fruits and veggies daily can replace your need for caffeine and decrease those tired bags under your eyes. My sister in law Vanessa turned me on to juice when I was planning my wedding and I immediately noticed the changes in my overall health and appearance. I also discovered the extra energy I generated was a great assistant in keeping up with my fitness routine.

If your new to the concept of juicing, it's best you consult a pro. Vanessa's site, All-About-Juicing.com is a fantastic place to start your juicing journey.  

She has tons of products for every juicing level like her Get Juiced Guide for beginners and a monthly subscription Juice Club where she sends new juicing recipes each week!  I personally love the Green Drinkology e-book where Vanessa shares her favorite 'green based' recipes like Green Beauty Juice (It's Molly Sims fav!)  So yummy!  What are you waiting for? Get working on that 'blushing bride' glow today!

3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow from the Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2
3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow from the Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2

images source | All-About-Juicing

2.  Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow from the Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2

image source | Joel Nilsson Nelson

I am in no way, shape or form the poster child for health and fitness (lol), but what I do know, is when I work out, I feel great and it shows.  It's a no brainer that incorporating fitness into your daily routine does not only keep you healthy and trim, but also is a HUGE stress reliever - and you need that release DAILY when planning a wedding.  

I've never been a working out kind of gal, so this one was hard for me. When I work out I need purpose, whether it's running errands or playing a game, so what I did before my wedding was walk to work every day.  It was 5 miles round trip and a great low intensity workout that didn't feel like it took too much time out of my day.  Yes, I know this option isn't for everyone, but the point is to find something that seamlessly fits within your daily routine. If you need a little help planning a walking routine, I found this amazing exercise schedule by Spark People that helps you walk off 10 lbs. in 28 days!  

Another option is to contact your local YMCA and inquire about any upcoming co-ed sports leagues. My husband and I played dodgeball, a fantastic work out that literally works every muscle in your body, (trust me, I felt the burn). It was also a fun activity for us to do together (taking a break from the planning) and allowing us to blow off some steam. Plus it was an excellent opportunity for me to peg balls at his face without relationship penalty (ha ha.)

If you are more self disciplined and want to work out from the comfort of your own home, I suggest to check out the Tone It Up gals.  Karena and Katrina are these amazing fitness trainers that offer videos, challenges and even meet ups in cities all over the country dedicated to transforming your body and making you feel great about yourself.  These ladies are down to earth and even a little bit goofy (you may have saw them featured on BravoTV), which helps relate to them and believe in their message and brand. Their Bridal Edition Wedding Slimdown offers exercises and nutrition plans that will help you get your wedding glow.  They even have a kick ass shop full of cute work out apparel, because you know, working out is a great excuse to get new clothes, lol.  

3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow from the Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2

image source | Tone It Up

3.  Pamper Your Skin

3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow from the Inside Out | Engagement Series Part 2

image source | ZenSpa1

Last but certainly not least, pamper and nourish your skin to obtain the ultimate radiance and get your wedding glow. With all our daily beauty chores such as hair, make up and outfit styling, sometimes we can forget about taking care of our skin and that can wreck havoc on your overall look. Monthly facials are an amazing way to not only leave you glowing, but extremely relaxed as well. Facials can also can be time consuming and expensive. So if you rather save the cash and try a more home based routine, follow these five skincare steps to healthier and more vivacious skin:

WATER - Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

SLEEP - Get plenty of rest.  Hello - they call it beauty sleep for a reason!  When you sleep your skin cells begin their renewal process and it's stunted without a full night's rest, therefore making you look like well, basically crap in the morning.  So get your full eight hours, during wedding planning at least, so you are looking refreshed and radiant in your wedding day photos.

START A NEW SKINCARE REGIMEN - Invest in a good skincare regimen and start it at least three months prior to your wedding.  I'm talking the whole sha-bang - toner, moisturizer, facial scrub, etc. The last thing you want the week of your wedding is a bad skin reaction, so the earlier you start, the better.  Check out my tips on choosing bridal skincare products HERE.

CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES - Makeup brushes hold A LOT of bacteria.  Wash your brushes weekly (with shampoo or dish soap) to keep your skin bacteria free and your makeup clean and sanitary.

DON'T FORGET YOUR NECK AND CHEST - I'm so totally guilty of forgetting this one! Moisturizing your neck and chest is just as important as your face.  Neglecting this step can lead to wrinkling, sagging and age spots with skin that eventually won't match the moisturizing, time and care you put into your face. So, consciously remembering this step can save you a lot of grief later down the road when you're just an old married lady. :)

Hope you enjoyed the second installment of our Engagement Series - 3 Ways to Get Your Wedding Glow From the Inside Out!  Have a piece of advice of your own?  Leave a comment below.  I'd love to hear from you! 

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