15 Fabulous Date Night Ideas for an Amazing Valentine's Day Weekend

15 Fabulous Date Night Ideas for an Amazing Valentine's Day Weekend

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I've come up with 15 fun date night ideas (purposely non-cliche) to celebrate with your special someone. If you are recently engaged, make date nights a priority because wedding planning can sometimes feel like it's consuming your life. And for those of you who are in long term relationships or are newly married take this opportunity to add some spice to your love life! Whether you are are adventurous, a homebody or feel you are just plain unimaginative, we have some fabulous ideas perfect for you and your love.  Enjoy!

1.  Binge Watch TV & Get Delicious Take-Out

Okay, this one is catered to all the lazy lovers out there.  Let's face it, our daily lives can be so busy that sometimes a night in watching mindless entertainment while stuffing our faces with Domino's Pizza is just what we need to connect with our significant other.  

2.  Get a Couples Massage

Everyone loves to be pampered.  Why not do it together?  It's an excellent way to relax AND booking together is usually cheaper than booking separately.  Look out for a two for one special at your local spa for a super chill date night idea.    

3.  Head to a Drive-In or Upscale Movie Theatre

I know, going to the movies is usually a go to date night idea.  Take it one step further and go to a local drive in (weather permitting of course) or check out one of those upscale movie theaters literally popping up everywhere that features soft reclining chairs, gourmet food and even alcoholic beverages. Bring a blanket for extra comfort or some hanky panky - if that's what you are into (wink, wink.)

4.  Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

This one is actually more fun than you think.  One day I was feeling pretty down in the dumps and Derek suggested we go into the city (we live super close to Philadelphia) to cheer me up.  We ended up taking the Old City walking tour (a super touristy area) where we visited the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross's house and Ben Franklin's grave.  We both felt like kids on a school trip, but ended up learning a lot about our local history, spending the day together walking the streets, holding hands and of course getting delicious ice cream. It was really romantic date night idea.

5.  Sign up for a Mud Run

Mud runs are all the rage right now and I noticed more and more of my friends are participating in obstacles of all different themes.  Sign up with your lover and wager a little side bet - setting the stakes to your choosing.  Winner chooses a special place for dinner, get out of chores for a month or maybe even some sexual favors.  Remember that a little competition can be excellent foreplay. 

6.  Have a Competition Tournament 

If a mud run challenge isn't really your thing, challenge your lover to a tournament of your choosing. Whether it be a board game (we love monopoly), mini golf or bowling, make a tournament where rules are clearly outlined (no cheating!) so you can truly find out once and for all - who is the greatest (come on, you know it's gonna be you!)

7.  Shop at a Gourmet Grocery Store and Cook a Romantic Dinner

Derek and I love our Whole Foods dates where we pretend we are rich and can buy everything in the store, lol.  We usually control the spending though and choose a great meal we can enjoy cooking together and eating at home.  Our Whole Foods even has a BYOB cheese tasting night - a free event that not only tastes delicious but also teaches you how to pair wines with specific cheese flavors.  A really fun time if you are looking for inexpensive date night idea.

8.  Take a Spontenous Mini Road Trip and Explore an Unknown Town

I love exploring new places and Derek also shares my same enthusiasm.  We once drove unexpectedly to Vermont for the weekend and visit the Woodchuck Cidery (0ver 400 miles away.) It was so last minute, but I found a cheap room on Booking.com and we spent the weekend exploring the small college town of Middlebury and enjoyed the extensive flavors at the cidery.  We even found this bitchin 70's leisure suit for Derek at a local thrift shop.  It was spontenous, romantic and amazing all at once.  

9.  Visit Your Local Zoo

Animals are seriously my weakness, so Derek knows a visit to the zoo is the key to my heart and an excellent date night idea. The baby animals are literally the cutest experience ever! The zoo can also be a beautiful backdrop for a romantic photo shoot or wedding venue. Check out our boho styled zoo shoot for inspiration HERE

10.  Go on an Ice Cream Adventure

Derek and I are what you call ice cream addicts.  We are obsessed, so going on an ice cream adventure, a.k.a finding a new amazing dessert shop, is right up our alley.  Whether near or far we are always up for an ice cream adventure.  So grab your significant other and go on a quest to find the best damn chocolate ice cream in your town.  

11.  Order the Chef's Tasting from an Upscale Restaurant

Ah, this date night idea is truly amazing for foodies!  We did this a few weeks back and it was one of the best nights we had all year.  Going out to dinner is pretty typical right?  So glam it up and find a local restaurant that offers a chef's tasting where you can enjoy a small portion of various items from the menu and pretty much get treated by the staff like royalty.  The place we went to was called Fond and our chef's tasting included seven courses (they gave us eight!) plus we had a private room that overlooked a portion of the kitchen where the chef prepped all of our courses.  It was such a romantic experience and we were able to try some foods we normally wouldn't have ordered (like duck hearts!) and learned that we really liked them!  I really love food surprises so it made me super happy.  :)

12.  Visit an Amusement Park

A visit to a local amusement park can be a really fun and adventurous way to connect with your love. There is something about an amusement park that makes you feel like a kid again, allows you to unwind and let loose.  I'm not one for rides (terrified of heights - and so is Derek) but our all time favorite amusement park is Hershey Park - you know for the chocolate factory!  I just realized my relationship is entirely based on seeking, obtaining and eating food.  We may need a Jenny Craig intervention, lol.  

13.  Go Roller Skating

Roller skating is also an activity that is nostalgic and takes me back to the days of 90's club music, skating backwards and oddly getting excited by a referee spinning a bowling pin in the center of the rink for a chance to win free slice of pizza.  Imagine holding hands with your mate skating to Boyz to Men's 'I'll Make Love to You' underneath the multi colored glow of the disco ball.  Amazing right? Also, skating is a kick ass work out. Believe me, your butt cheeks will be feeling it the next day!

14.  Work on a Home Project Together

Some of you might consider this torturous date night idea, but my husband and I really love to stay busy, so completing a home project not only makes us feel accomplished as partners and homeowners, but also helps us connect and work together as a couple.  We recently renovated our kitchen pantry and although we had a few disagreements, it all come together and we both really enjoyed the quality time spent together.

15.  Wander Yard Sales or a Flea Market

Second to eating, wandering is my other favorite thing to do.  Derek and I love taking drives on the weekends to see what trash to treasure items we can find.  Check out your local paper for yard sales or flea markets happening in your area.  It's a cheap date and a great way to get inspired for your next home project.  

Hope you enjoyed our fabulous date night ideas!  Have an idea of your own?  Leave a comment below.  I'd love to hear from you!

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