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You've got the dress.  You've booked the venue. You've whitened your teeth.  You've hit the gym (pretty dam hard) and look better than ever.  So what about your skin?  With all the to dos that need checking off, healthy skin tends to fall short during wedding planning.  Most brides like to depend on makeup artists and their wedding photographer to make them look amazing, but what if you could make your skin look flawless without their help?

I'm one of the lucky ones that survived my adolescence relatively unscathed, with a clear complexion and never really paid too much attention my skin. 

In my 20's I would occasionally get my makeup done and the artists would always tell me how easy it was because of my great skin. But when I found myself engaged at 30, I took a good look in the mirror and noticed I was no longer the spring chicken I once was.  I noticed deep frown lines, smile lines and crows feet that kind of snuck up on me.  Right then and there I knew it was time to start addressing these concerns.  

With literally thousands of options out there, choosing the most effective  products became somewhat overwhelming.  But as luck would have it, a close friend of mine introduced to me a skin care solution tool (in short, a 5 minute online survey) created by Rodan + Fields (you would know them as the creators of Proactiv) that diagnosed and prescribed the perfect combination of products specifically tailored for me AND without a visit to the doctor.  I started the REDEFINE regimen six months prior to my wedding and the rest is history - gorgeous, firmer, youthful, glowing history.  

Skin Care Regimens and the Multi-Med® Therapy

Rodan + Fields products are based on dermatologists', Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, philosophy of the Multi-Med® Therapy. This regimen-based approach to treating common skin concerns combines over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical and active cosmetic ingredients in the right combination with optimized, elegant formulations to deliver clinically proven results, without a visit to the dermatologist's office. 

In other words, the individual OTC products you've been using to treat various skin concerns are basically just a mask on their own and not solving any real dermatological issues. Each of the Rodan + Fields regimens comes with easy step by step instructions to lead you down the road to life changing, flawless skin! They believe in their philosophy and products so much, that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.  So if you are not satisfied - there is nothing to lose!  Here are the four regimens they recommend:

"It's Never too Late to Get Started on Flawless Skin....."



Think of the UNBLEMISH regimen as Proactiv's more mature and wiser sister. Clinically proven to combat the entire acne cycle, this sophisticated regimen helps unclog pores, clears acne blemishes and calms your complexion to keep pimples, blackheads and post-acne marks from making an unwelcome appearance on your face—and in your life.

Since many acne sufferers have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), the remnant red/brown marks following a healed blemish, Rodan + Fields offers an UNBLEMISH spot fading toner. However, if you are one of the lucky few who does not experience PIH, use the UNBLEMISH clarifying toner as an alternative.



Exposure to the sun and the environment can leave you with less-than-youthful skin. Literally erase the appearance of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness and discoloration with the REVERSE regimen. REVERSE exfoliates, visibly brightens, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defends against sun exposure for a long-term solution for a radiant complexion. This skincare package is perfect for brides to be who don't want to wear a ton of makeup and are looking for a more natural wedding day style.



Does your skin take the term 'blushing bride' to a whole new level?  Calm the flush-blush reaction of a hyper-sensitive complexion with SOOTHE. Clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation in as little as 5 minutes, SOOTHE shields against the biological and environmental aggressors that can trigger inflammation, helps fortify skin’s natural moisture barrier, calms visible redness, and reduces irritation so that you can take comfort in having a healthy-looking complexion every day. 



The REDEFINE regimen can easily be summed up as SPANX for your face! This comprehensive skincare regimen layers cosmetic ingredients and proven peptide technology to help defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin. It's a great regimen for women who are happy with their complexion, but want to maintain a more youthful, glowing appearance.

I personally use this regimen and noticed a huge difference in just a few weeks.  My frown lines, often called 'elevens', have essentially disappeared and I've noticed an overall less tired look too! REDEFINE is great for brides, bridesmaids and mother of the brides to spruce up their skin and confidence, plus look extra fabulous for that special day!

These Products Really Get Around!  Check Out All This FREE Press!

How to Save with PC Perks

PC Perks is by far the best way to maximize product savings while maintaining your flawless skin. By registering as a Preferred Customer (PC) with Rodan + Fields, you get the following benefits:

  • Up to 10% (sometimes more!) off all Rodan +Fields products, all the time
  • Free shipping on regularly scheduled orders (every 60 days)
  • Enhanced Customer Service including exclusive PC Perks hotline, PC Perks House Call and a quarterly e-newsletter especially for you
  • Exclusive Preferred Customer promotion 

Activate all these perks along with the convenience of 60 day automatic deliveries (which can be postponed at any time) of your favorite Rodan + Fields products with a one-time enrollment fee of $19.95 and your first purchase of $80.00 or more. The enrollment fee usually pays for itself with the cost savings of the first PC order. Click HERE for more information on how to become a PC with perks.  

Available in the United States and Canada Only

Currently all Rodan + Fields products ordered directly from the site are available for shipping to the US and Canada only, but if you are still interested in the products and would like to place an order, send me a message HERE.  For an additional postage fee, I can personally arrange shipping to your country.  

Whether your wedding is three months away or one year away, the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be on your way to gorgeous glowing wedding day skin!  Visit my Rodan + Fields store HERE to get started!


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